Concordia Int'l University Online TESOL (+TEC) 180 Hours


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Internationally Recognized On-line TESOL Program

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University Job Consulting Service in Korea provided for Concordia Alumni - Native Speaker of English (Professional Assistance)

* Concordia International College / University *

Credit: 6

About 12 Hours Per Module - 180 Hours ( Incl. Assignment )

* You may complete it within a shorter time.    

15 Modules (TESOL :10 modules + TEC: 5 modules)


         Diploma in TESOL  +  Certificate of Academic Record




TESOL Module 01. Introduction

TESOL Module 02. The Communicative Approach and Lesson Plan

TESOL Module 03. Roe-Plays and Information Gap

TESOL Module 04. Teaching Reading

TESOL Module 05. Teaching Writing

TESOL Module 06. Teaching Grammar

TESOL Module 07.Culture in the class

TESOL Module 08. Teahing idioms

TESOL Module 09. General tips for teaching English

TESOL Module 10. Teaching Resume writing

TEC Module 01. Phonics Approach to Teaching Reading

TEC Module 02. Whole Language Approach to Teaching Reading

TEC Module 03. Child Language Acqusition

TEC Module 04. The Classroom Environment

TEC Module 05. Classroom Management


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