Busan Expat Sailing Club


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 We are the premier (and only) expat sailing club in Korea.  What we offer is a chance to enjoy the awesome sport of sailing along with other fun filled activities. 


 We are located at the Sooyoungman Marina in Haeundae (near the famous beach), Busan.  Our clubhouse is located in the south west corner of the marina behind the dinghies.

 Learn how to sail in our sailing program.  Start off with dinghies or go strait to the bigger boats.  It's a lot of fun and anyone can do it.  Find out more under lessons.

 Become a member of BESA and enjoy all the benefits of the club.  Please check out themembership page for more details about becoming a member.


If you're taking the subway, head towards Jansan.  You'll get off at the Dongbaek station, one stop before Haeundae station.  Take exit #3.  Continue to walk straight until you hit a T-intersection.  There you'll make a left which will take you directly to the marina.  Once you walk past the toll-gate, continue to walk straight until you hit water.  From there turn right and you'll see a white building.  Behind that building are many small sailboats.  Walk past them to the opposite corner and you'll see a building with our name on it.  Most likely there will be some white patio chairs out. 

 Are you from out-of-town?  Why not plan a trip with your friends or co-workers.  We have people visit our club from all over Korea.  Other than sailing, there is a lot of other things to do. 

We are located very close to the famous Haeundae Beach and Dalmaji Hill.  You can go shark diving at the Busan Aquarium or go bar hopping along Gwangali Beach.  We also have two of the hottest foreigner bars in Busan, Starface, Sunset Lounge, Blow Fish, Neo-Starface and U2. 

If you like food, you might be pleased to find Mexican, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Quiznos, and many great Korean restaraunts all within walking distance. 

There is a world class youth hostel just across the street from the marina or countless motels where one can find a cheap room just next to the beach. 

If you need any help, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you schedule a wonderful vacation.