Busan Cathedral English Mission, Anglican Church of Korea - 대한성공회


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We are an international English-speaking Christian community based at Busan Anglican Cathedral and following the traditional Anglican liturgies of the Holy Eucharist and Evening Prayer. All will be made warmly welcome and all baptised Christians are invited to receive Communion.
Sunday worship times: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 2pm.
Location: 18 Daechang-dong, 2-ga, Jung-gu, Busan.
Directions: The Cathedral is located on a small side street across the road from the Busan Museum of Modern History (formerly the U.S. Consulate) on the main road of Daecheong-ro.

Bus routes: #15, 40, 58-1, 81, 86, 126, 135, 186. Get off at the Gukje-shijang bus stop.

Subway: Get off at Jungang station, Exit 7. Walk about 500m and turn right up the small side street. The Cathedral is on the left about 15m from the main road.
Calendar of Sunday worship at the Busan Cathedral English Mission in 2014:
5 January (Epiphany): Evening Prayer 
19 January (Ordinary): Holy Eucharist
2 February (Presentation of Jesus): Holy Eucharist 
16 February (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
2 March (Ordinary): Holy Eucharist 
16 March (Lent): Evening Prayer 
6 April (Lent): Evening Prayer 
13 April (Palm Sunday): Holy Eucharist 
20 April (Easter): Holy Eucharist 
4 May (Easter 3): Evening Prayer 
18 May (Easter 5): Evening Prayer 
8 June (Pentecost/Whitsunday): Holy Eucharist 
22 June (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
6 July (Ordinary): Holy Eucharist 
20 July (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
3 August (Ordinary): Holy Eucharist 
17 August (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
7 September (Ordinary): Holy Eucharist 
21 September (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
5 October (Ordinary): Holy Eucharist 
19 October (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
2 November (All Saints): Holy Eucharist 
16 November (Ordinary): Evening Prayer 
23 November (Christ the King): Holy Eucharist 
7 December (Advent 2): Evening Prayer 
21 December (Advent 4): Holy Eucharist
25 December (Christmas): Holy Eucharist