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Busan Apartment Rentals

안녕하세요 , Hello !

Whether you already live in Busan or are planning on moving here shortly, we have a few different  rental apartment options available for you to choose from. We speak English and Korean fluently and have experience in Busan real estate.

For first timers to Korea/Busan, renting an apartment can seem pretty scary and daunting. Deposits can range from 2,000,000 Won up to 25,000,000+ Won.  As a foreigner, I have lived through this my first year here, and signing a contract that on top of it was only in Korean didn’t reassure me when I handed a check for $10,000 to my new landlord!!

We are here to guide you, help you, reassure you, negotiate for you and find you the apartment you want!

We specialize in the Haeundae (해운대) area, but can help you find in any part of Busan.
We have different options you can choose from for different apartment sizes…Be it a studio, 1,2,3+ bedroom apartment. Whether you’re coming to Busan to teach or have been sent by your company, we can help!


  • We rent empty or fully furnished apartments (just bring your personal belongings!).
  • Short term or long term leases.
  • We can help with the deposit.
  • We can have everything all prepared for you prior to your arrival in Busan.
  • Full service follow ups through out your lease.

If you have any questions whatsoever or would like to find out more about the apartment availabilities and receive apartment details and pictures, please feel free to contact us via this site or at [email protected]  .

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Apartment size (studio, 1,2,3+ bedroom):
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Re: Busan Apartment Rental - Realtor

The domain used in the email (busanapartmentrental.com) is no longer registered, so I'm going to assume that this business is closed and mark it as such.  If the orginal poster is out there and still active, please let us know.