Bombay Spices Indian Restaurant


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New Indian Restaurant in Town

The real taste of Indian and Pakistani Cuisines

You'll Never Know, If You Never Never Go

Bombay Spices is Restaurant located in Sasang. It presents the real taste of Indian and Pakistani cuisines. We welcome our guest to taste our special menu, all nationalities are welcome.

Weekend Special (Buffet) 15,000 won

Chicken fried rice 5,000 won        

We also have our New World Mart and World spices View and foreign food items including, Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Thai, Americans and Philippines Indonesian, Malaysian and all Halal meat including Chicken, Lamb, Beef, and ground meat is available. We also sell vegetables as well. You can get it on reasonable prices.

For Parties and gathering please email at

[email protected] or

call at 010-4150-9458
for direction and to see the dishes please see the pictures below

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Re: Bombay Spices Indian Restaurant

Personally speaking, I'm a big fan of Indian food. None of your current photos would entice me, not sure for others, just saying. Tandoori legs, no thanks, how about some Tikka and Nan? Somosas? Lanb Saag? At least give a close up of some signature dishes. I mean a Lassi photo, Porattas, wahtever? Close ups , please. No menu?

Re: Bombay Spices Indian Restaurant

When I entered the restaurant the man at the front desk did not greet me at all, and when I requested a table he motioned with his hand to sit anywhere. Despite the fact that the restaurant was completely empty, I was not important enough for him to take his eyes off of his youtube playlist. The waitress pushed the 15,000 won lunch buffet, whose items appeared to have been sitting there for hours due to a lack of customers. When I ordered my chicken tikka masala, it was served cold to lukwarm and dripping in oil. It had maybe 5 small pieces of chicken. For 12,000 won I would expect a little more. The only saving grace of this restaurant is that the owners have put in a lot of time into displaying pictures of Indian food all around the premises and have painstakingly decorated the interior. Unfortunately, the pictures don't match the reality. Terrible service, terrible food, terrible restaurant. You can find much better Indian food in Busan.