Bistro Hurdy Gurdy - Sasang


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Bistro Hurdy Gurdy is an Italian-inspired chain restaurant offering family-style plates (serving two-to-three people) of various meat and seafood pastas, salads and pizzas (entree prices range from 16,000-22,000). Also offered are fries and various beverages, including beer, sodas and "ades." The Sasang location, on the second floor located right next to the similarly-themed Seoga & Cook, can be seen from the Busan-Gimhae Lightrail Station terminus (No. 1, Sasang).

Address: 부산광역시사상구광장로 77 괘법동

Sasang-gu, Gwangjang-ro, 77, Gwaebop-dong

Phone: 051-326-8585