Best Botox Busan Bar None - Somyon


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RODEM plastic surgery
Girls (and maybe guys) ! Best grade botox/price hands down in Somyon.
Best Botox Busan Bar None

Baby smooth skin in 7 days .

6-8 months  (the strong stuff -there are 2 grades) effect depending on age and original skin condition .

I've tried 3 other places here and they either are overpriced or the effect length is shorter.
Clinic has recently MOVED near Migliore Shopping Mall in Somyon (near the main subway junction ) .

Leave your number and an English-speaking worker can give you directions...

Woman surgeon speaks great English.
200,000 won for most people under 35 - other places can be 300,000 won and up for the weaker stuff.It takes 2 visits to work so relax if it is not 100% correct after 5 or so days , you have to go back again.


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Skintyte treatments

hey when will the Skintyte laser treatments begin?!! Please post if they have the machine available. thanks