Ball Hockey Across Korea


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Come join this group and lets get all the ball hockey players in Korea connected so we can have some big, fun tournaments and events!

Connecting all ball hockey players across the country. A place to post about tournaments, events, and other important news.

** Nationals **
Please 'like' if this is something you'd like to do. We're just gauging interest. Never mind equipment, sticks, or getting enough players for now.
(all the following details are tentative...)

DATE: January 
LOCATION: Seoul, Jeju, and/or Asan
• teams of up to 16 players (max.)
• it's up to you how many guys and girls you want on your team
• don't worry if you can't form a complete team, we'll combine groups
• two days (Sat. & Sun.)
• three divisions based on skill from highest to lowes (A, B, and C). Each division will play their tournament in a different location. We'd love to have everyone at one place but no municipality as yet as more than one rink.