ATEK (Association for Teachers of English in Korea)


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The Association for Teachers of English in Korea is a new organization for teachers of English in Korea and their supporters.
Our goal is to provide English instructors with a voice. Our mission is to:
advance English education as an art, science and profession;
advocate for and represent members to all levels of stakeholders in English education;
improve the living and working conditions of members;
improve the usefulness of English teachers through high standards of ethics and conduct and provision of advice related to the same;
increase and spread best practices in education through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions, publications, and online forums;
and provide a community where English teachers can come together in a spirit of mutual collaboration to advance their common goals.
We will accomplish this mission in a democratic and accountable manner.
About PMAs
ATEK is a federation of local associations of teachers of English and their supporters. Provincial/Metropolitan Associations (or PMAs) are organized to respond to the needs of local members. Each PMA elects a local council, or executive, responsible for assisting teachers in the region.
PMAs also elect members to the National Council. The National Council works to represent teachers of English throughout the country, whether they work in hagwons, public schools, or colleges.
About Membership
Anyone who supports our Mission is welcome to join the Association.
There are two classes of membership: General and Associate. General membership is open to instructors whose employment status has been confirmed by their the Association. General members may vote, and accept leadership positions within the organization; this ensures that ATEK is run by and for instructors of English in Korea.
Associate membership is open to everyone who is concerned about the status of educators in Korea. Associate members are teachers' friends and family members, concerned citizens, journalists, activists, academics, recruiters and employers.