Arirang Traditional Korean Restaurant


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Arirang Traditional Korean Restaurant offers a variety of Korean meals including Soondubu (spicy tofu stew) and Doenjang Jjigae (soybean paste stew). Several meal specials are offered, including the Soondubu + Bossam (a meal of cool pork slices wrapped in lettuce and sesame leaves, accompanied by side dishes), for 8,000 won. The portions are very generous and there is a variety of banchan (side dishes) to mix and match with your lettuce-wrapped pork. It's located in the building next to the newly (as of fall 2014) built Starbucks and McDonald's locations in Oedong, Gimhae, across the street from the 

한국2차아파트, Hanguk 2cha Apartments.

Owner: Kim Jeong Min

Phone: 055-325-7082

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