anybody need help finding place to stay?? I can help.


Business/Organization Type: 

I am a real estate agent. possible to communicate in English and Korean(if you are good enough)

I am writing this for those of you who need my help getting place to stay.

The term should be at least 6 months upto 2 years.

And the rent is very various. From 200,000/months upto 1,000,000 and of course money decieds the quality.

well, from finding the place to live to signing the contract I can help you with half of commission.(usually 1 month rent is the amount of commssion you give)

I have very good connection with other real estate office all over Busan that means I gather fast information about housing.


If interested, call me 010-5789-7339 and find Bobby Kim. Thank you and hope you enjoy staying in Korea.