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Since 1999, Altibase has pioneered In-Memory database technologies and possesses the richest installation base in the high performance database space with over 500 enterprise clients and thousands of deployments.

Altibase, with its beginnings as a government-sponsored research initiative, has been mastering its skills in pure In-Memory computing solutions for nearly 20 years. It is through this rich history and single-minded focus, that Altibase is the most trusted, mature, and proven solution for the most discerning companies and governments in the world.

Altibase is the go-to source for mission critical In-Memory database management strategies. Altibase is the only company to offer absolute ACID compliance with a rich set of features, and extensive eco-system while coupling the speed of an In-Memory database and the mass storage of an On-Disk database in a single unified engine.

Altibase's data management system is unilaterally trusted and fortified by its impeccable reputation. Altibase, with its flagship product, ALTIBASE HDB™ has solved database related issues for global leaders in Telecommunications, Finance, Manufacturing and Government based on the tenets of high performance, complete data integrity, high-scalability and complete customer satisfaction. ALTIBASE HDB™ is a full-featured traditional relational database that combines the speed of In-Memory database with the storage of On-Disk database in a single unified engine. The Hybrid architecture allows for seamless bidirectional movement of multi-temperature data. Frequently used data (hot) and historical data (cold) are available as needed and when needed to be used in RAM or disk. ALTIBASE® XDB™ is the world's fastest In-Memory only database, featuring extreme speed, high availability and a wide range of standard and advance database features. It is ideal for use in mission critical enterprise applications requiring extreme processing speeds, particularly in the telecommunication, financial, government and manufacturing sectors. All Altibase products come out-of-the-box with a full set of features, complete SQL standards support, High Availability, ACID compliance, replication and the ability to scale-out vertically and horizontally with virtually no limitations.