Alex (European Trained Stylist)


Business/Organization Type: 

Alex's salon is in Haeundae New Town near Youngnam Apartments (near the McDonald's).  He trained in Europe and speaks very good English. He is very skilled, and used to dealing with all varities of hair (curly, blonde, dyed, etc.) I highly recommend him. If these directions sound too complicated, just call from a taxi and have him give directions. His phone number is 703-2242. Sometimes a Korean woman will answer, but just ask for Alex. He is open 6 days a week (No Wednesdays.)

From Jangsan Station:

Stand in front of 2001 with it at your back (looking across the street towards Primus). Turn left so you are going away from Primus, 2001, Top Mart, etc. Go until you are past the apartments at the next big intersection (6 lane road meets 4 or6 lane road). Turn right. Soon (5 minutes) you will see a Family Mart on the left. (this is just before you pass a McDonald's and PIzza Hut on your right.). Alex's salon is above the family mart. The sign (white with red/black lettering) has a sun on it. The stairs are on the side (left side if you are looking at it) of the building, not the front. Alex is on the second floor. Turn left when you come up the stairs