AIESEC in PNU - Come & Act Project


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AIESEC in PNU's Come & Act IVY Program


Let's dive into a Global Conference with Global Leaders!


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<Come & Act project>

√ An online conference based on SDGs NO.4: Quality Education for youth

√ Discuss global issues about Human rights, Environment, Education, Technology with people around the world in English.

√ In the manner of lecture & discussion & online activity

√ Five weeks long project (Project preparation & realization ~ Debrief)


<Main Activities>

√ For each Topic, two volunteers will be assigned, based on your preference. The topics are the following: Human rights, Environment, Education, and Technology.. 

√ Each of you will prepare your lecture based on the theme in charge.

√ Lead your lecture and discuss with delegates about related topics.

√ Facilitate the global conference as a passionate volunteer.

* Even if you are assigned to a certain theme, you are required to participate in every given session. You have a responsibility to help the conference proceed smoothly.


<IVY Volunteers>

√ Foreigners aged 18 to 32, residing in South Korea who can communicate in English

√ Those who are interested in at least one topic among Human rights, Environment, Education, Technology

√ Those who are interested in a cross-cultural exchange


<IVY Application Process>

  1. Fill the interest form to find SDGs which you are interested in
  2. Fill the project application form to apply for Come&Act
  3. Get an Interview with the project team (scheduled individually)
  4. Incoming Preparation Seminar(OT) (Dec 27th 2021) 


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For more information, contact us!

- Project Executive: Eunbin Lee, Tel) 010-6637-6550 / E-mail) [email protected]

- Team Leader: Baerim Jeon, Tel) 010-9594-1678 / E-mail) [email protected]