Adoptee Solidarity of Korea


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 Our Mission 

ASK's mission is to address the problems associated with Korean overseas adoption. Through education and activism, we aim to raise awareness, advocate change and support alternatives to intercountry adoption.

 Our Vision 
ASK envisions the end of intercountry adoption out of Korea in conjunction with long-term alternatives and an improved social welfare system. We will be an active voice that monitors and participates in this process of social and political change.

 About ASK 
Adoptee Solidarity Korea (ASK) was founded in March 2004 by a group of adopted Korean adults living and working in Korea . ASK looks at the issue of intercountry adoption out of Korea from a broad social and political perspective, as well as from a human rights point of view. We believe that the current practice of intercountry adoption from Korea is no longer necessary; its continued practice indicates a need for alternative forms of social support for Korea 's underprivileged class.

We also believe that an end to intercountry adoption from Korea signifies the beginning of a process that must be implemented with careful planning and a shift in the economic priorities of the Korean government in order to raise the standards of social welfare and overall quality of life for all Koreans.

ASK has given presentations at adoption-related conferences (KAAN, GOA'L and the 2004 & 2007 Adoptee Gathering) and taken an active role in hearings and forums on adoption-related policy organized by members of the National Assembly. We also organize a Monthly Forum for the purpose of raising awareness about adoption-related issues in the adoptee community and the general public at large.

 ASK Monthly Forums 
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Since September of 2004, ASK has organized Monthly Forums on adoption-related issues.  Past Forums have included guests speaking on Korean foster care, sex education, teenage pregnancy, global trends in intercountry adoption, and media portrayals of adoptees.  In addition to learning more about the many issues related to intercountry/transracial adoption, we are committed to fostering relationships with individuals and organizations that are at the forefront of instigating social change in Korean society.