A Nice Deli


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Scott McMaster & Paul Ostrowski, two expats trying to make the most out of lunch, watching our comrades struggle to find quality deli meats and other comfortfoods at a reasonable price. Finally a break through, we provide you with the opportunity to take your sandwich and your kitchen to the next level!

We've both been in Korea a long time and we know the frustrations of not being able to get the food and service you desire. Although things have changed drastically since we arrived many years ago and many more foreign foods are available at the local supermarket there still remains much that is lacking, especially if you live outside the big cities. So in response to this need we created Nice Deli, orginally intended to be your sandwich saviour we recently expanded into foods of all kinds in response to our customers needs. Keep an eye out as we have no intentions of slowing down now, in the near future we will not only be upgrading our site but also adding more and more products. Feel free to email us with your requests or suggestions!