2012 KOTESOL National Conference Videos


Koreabridge Webcast Coverage of the
2012 KOTESOL National Conference
May 26, 2012

Plenary Presentations

Tim Murphey
Drive: Putting Students at the Wheel with Agency, Identity, and Altruism.

Marc Helgesen
Happiness 2.0: New Ideas from the Science of Well-Being

Featured  Presentations

Korean ELT Leaders’ Panel on the Future of English Education in Korea
Sun-hee Kwon - Busan University of Foreign Studies
Il-Jae Jo - Teacher's College at Pusan National University
Mijae Lee - Suwon University
Jeong-ryeol Kim - Teacher's College at Pusan National University
Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha

George Scholz
Learning Myths and Teaching Challenges

Concurrent Presentations

Amelie Kelly
The Writing Process Made Easy

Ju A Hwang
The Relationship between the Importance of Improving L2 Writing Fluency and Freewriting

Tim Murphey
Materials for Portable Embodied & Extended Cognitive SelfSourcing  (PEECSS)

Marc Helgesen
ELT and the 'Science of Happiness

Brian Dean
Creativity in the Classroom

April Abate and Gordon West
Learn By Doing: Critically Engaged TBLT with Young Learners and Middle School

Tory Thorkelson
Motivation and Problem Solving in the EFL Classroom

Steve Garrigues
Time, Place and Person: Cultural Dimensions of English Teaching and Learning in Korea

Conference Conversations

James Riley

Sara Davila

Marc Helgesen

Carl Dusthimer

Sean O'Connor

Paedar Callaghan

Aaron Jolly

Hwang AeSuk


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