Teachers Recruitment at SSI Daechi


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Teacher Recruitment Qualification and Terms


1. School Introduction:

 Seoul Scholars International Math and Science is an independent secondary education for a student in grades 8th-12th and located in Daechi-Dong, Korea.

2. Teacher Recruitment(6):

- Math: Able to teach American high school level Math including Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus and

AP statistics.

- English: Able to teach American high school level English including English 10 ~ English 12, AP English literature and composition, Journalism and etc.

- Social Studies: Able to teach American high school level social studies including Geography,

US History, World History, AP World History, AP US History and etc.

- Science: Able to teach American high school level science including Biology, Chemistry, Physics,

AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and etc.

3. Qualification:

a. Major: Any major related to the subject. (Ex. Education, psychology, engineering and etc.)

b. Career: More than a year in high school for a faculty member.(Career would not be considerable if he or she has a bachelor degree related to the subject)

c. College Degree: At least BA or BS degree of top 50 Universities or Colleges in US News. 

d. No criminal record in Korea and home country.

e. A citizen from a country where English is spoken as native language or possible for Korean who can speak English as a native level.

f. Someone who thinks student first, last and always.

g. No bias for gender or student achievement.

h. Visa: Only F Visa (F4, F5, F6 and etc.) holder.

i. Working Hour: 8 am ~ 5 pm

4. Terms and Conditions:

a. Salary/Month

- Negotiable when you have an interview

b. Benefit:

- Paid vacation: 8 weeks/year (Including summer and winter vacation)

- Free lunch

c. Working Hour: 8:00~5:00

d. Payday: Every 25th day of each month

e. Tax: Medical, Annual Pension, Unemployment, Income Tax for full time teacher

        3.3% income tax deduction for full time freelancer.

  f. Sick Day or Absence: Will be followed by school policy.


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