September Teaching Position in Jeungsan


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I am posting on behalf of the hagwon I work for, and I am not a hiring manager. I can easily get you in contact with our hagwon director.

Oedae Foreign Language Academy in Jeungsan (near the end of Metro Line 2) is looking to hire a replacement Native English Teacher. Due to COVID, my hagwon director prefers to hire someone already in Korea. 

Where: Oedae English Academy / 외대어학원
When: September 1st (There will be 3-5 days of observation prior to this date)
Hours: Full Time, Monday-Friday, 1:30pm-9:10pm (no weekends)
Students: Elementary and Middle
Who: Anyone who can apply for the E2 visa. There is a preference for American or Canadian citizens since we teach American English. Race does not matter so long as you are a native speaker, so you don't need to worry about discrimination. We are looking for someone with good work ethic who enjoys teaching and handling kids. Experience is preferred but not necessary.
Salary: Starting rate is 2.2 million, but this is negotiable based on experience. 
Benefits: Housing is provided (one-room/officetel), Health insurance (50/50), Pension, Standard 10 days of vacation plus red days.
Working Conditions: I have worked here for over three years and am currently the head foreign teacher. Our system is structured and routine, and I personally love it and find it to be, overall, a wonderful place to work. Materials are provided but supplementary activities/work are usually up to us - as a result, outside of class books, we are able to plan lessons as we see fit. Our coworkers are kind and understanding and try to be inclusive of the foreign teachers. There is rarely, if any, drama within our hagwon. Our boss is delightful and tries to take care of us - she's super friendly and during the start of the pandemic, was very open and honest with all the staff. We all participate in monetary donations for birthdays and holidays for our coworkers, and we all have fun with silly holidays like Ppeppero Day. Our hagwon is very work-heavy and we are almost always busy, but it's rarely chaotic.
Additional Notes: I am not leaving for any reason related to the hagwon, other than working hours - I'm going to pursue additional education and require free evenings in order to do so, and as such, am unable to continue working here. Unfortunately, my director said she's unable to do part-time at this moment, so I can't stay. I would happily recommend this job to anyone who is okay with the evening schedule and doesn't mind a heavier schedule.

If you are interested (or know someone who may be interested) and/or have any additional questions, please feel free to email me.

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