The positions in March (from ATOP)


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Here are the job positions about ;

*** Location : Daegu

  Starting date : March

  Working days : Monday~Friday

  Working hours : 2:00pm~8:30pm

  Teaching type : Kindergarten~ High School

  Monthly pay : 2.1million won

  Housing : Single

  Vacation : 10days

  Benefits : one-way airfare, 4insurances

*** Location : Gunsan

 Starting date : March

 Working days : Monday~Friday

 Working hours : 9:00am~6:00pm

 Teaching type : Kindergarten~Elementary

 Monthly pay : 2.1~2.2million won

 Housing, vacation , benefits are 'yes'

*** Location : Pohang ( possibl to aplly for the couple)

 Starting date : March

 Working days : Monday~Friday

 Working hours : 2:30pm~10:00pm

 Teaching type : Elementary~Middle

 Monthly pay: 2.3million won

 Housing, vacation, benefits are 'yes'

If you are interested in those positons, please send your resume and photo here, [email protected]


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