Part-Time Teacher Needed


Job Ad Type: 

Location: Centum City

Visa Requirement: Strictly F6 or an E2 with permission to work part -time outside of their current school.

Working Days: These are Mondays and Wednesdays. You can do just one of these days if you want.

Working Hours:


4 classes between 3pm -8pm. (1 hour break from 6pm -7pm)

There will be a new class from 6-7pm starting during February so you will end up with 4 straight classes.


3pm – 5pm (2 classes)

This will increase to 4 straight classes from 3pm – 7pm during February.

Salary: W35,000 per class.

Students: All elementary except one class of middle school students.

Other Info: The school is easy to work at and the boss is helpful and speaks English well. The course is set so you don’t really need to prepare anything except maybe some review games to play at the end of class. The boss would prefer someone who can commit to at least 6 months. The current teacher has worked here for 4 years.

Please send an email and resume to [email protected] and the boss will get back to you asap.



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