Native Teacher Needed 3.000.000/month + housing


Job Ad Type: 

Looking for a native teacher to join our branch in Gwangju(we can pay for relocation from another city in Korea)

Starting Date: March 4th

We’re looking for a native teacher to join our team and play a part in helping young kids learn the language in a happy and fun environment. 

Basic conditions:

Teaching Kindergarten(4-7y.o) and elementary(8-13y.o) kids

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Payment: from 3.000.000/month
Housing provided(or housing allowance 400,000krw)

Paid vacation (divided in two parts:summer and winter vacation) and all national holidays off

Up to 30 teaching hours per week(on average you will have 15-20 teaching hours)

Severance pay after completion of 1 year

4types of insurance paid 50/50

Native teachers responsibilities generally include 3 things: conducting the classes and preparing for the classes; writing weekly lesson plans based on the school-provided yearly curriculum; writing progress report cards for students every 2 months. 

E-2 visa holders from 7 recognized countries(or F visa holders) can apply for this position. 
Apply through email: [email protected]

Only teachers who are already in Korea

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