Looking for a native teacher for an academy in Tongyeong! Starting in April!


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Hello~ I am leaving my current job after about 3 years so I’m helping my boss find my replacement. 


It is located in Tongyeong on the southern coast of Korea, about an hour and 30 minutes from Busan. It is a smaller city but the academy is in a great location within a 10 minute walk from the bus terminal, Emart and a walking path next to the sea. The weather is mild throughout the year and the air quality is good compared to the rest of Korea. 

Start date: end of March/beginning of April (My contract ends April 2nd but my boss prefers the new teacher observes my classes for a few days, if possible.)


-Academy name: Mimicking Language Academy

-Hours: Monday-Friday from 2-10, normally start at 2:30 and finish at 9(there is a 30 minute dinner break at 7:00, delivery food provided)

-Pay: 2.1 million

- Pension and Health Insurance paid for by academy

-Housing: Included or 300,000 won housing allowance

-Vacation: All red days, summer and winter vacation (3 days for each), and 1 day off a month when the students take a test (it can be Monday, Wednesday, or Friday depending on when red days are)

-Ages: Elementary and middle school students

*Must have an E-2 visa (or be eligible for one) 

*Must be currently in Korea


Job description: It’s a mimicking academy (mimicking movies or books) but some classes (especially the older students) focus on writing or speaking material chosen by the teacher. The academy is small with 3 teachers (boss, Korean teacher and foreign teacher). It is a relaxed environment that doesn’t have a strict schedule so you can take your time building those skills. 

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