Korea Univeristy EIE English Academy in Busan Jundong near E-Mart!!


Job Ad Type: 

Hello, we are looking for a native teacher who can work as part-time or full-time. I want someone who likes youth students and has experienced with teaching youth. Our academy focused on speaking, debating, and writing. I hope we both have a great opportunity!!

Location: Busan/ JunDong Near E-Mart

Job AD Type: Teaching - Part-Time but can be changed to full-time later. 

Contact Person by email or Phone

Starting Date; May

Working Hours: 2:00~ 6:40 PM ( time can be changed a little. ex. 2:40~7:40 pm) 

Teaching Type: Elementary ~ Middle

Monthly Pay: 1.8 million Won ( negotiable through your working experience) 

Housing:  Yes or Housing allowance ( if it is necessary) 

Vacation: Yes ( summer 5 days or more depends on the calendar)

Benefit:  YES ! Pensions or Retirement pay ( 1,800,000) won 

Visa: Yes ( can be provided) 

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a pension plan? YES

Is Health Insurance in the contract? YES

Please contact me via email at jackie4ever88@gmail.com or 010-8948-8846 

Thank you so much!!

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 


Is Health Insurance in the contract? : 


Do you arrange for immigration permission to work this job? *: 


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No Recruiter Documentation Provided