Francis Parker Collegiate (Haeundae)/ Wyatt institute (Daechi)/ Wizisland (Apgujeong)


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Francis Parker Collegiate/Wyatt/ Wizisland is the number 1 English private school in Korea and is looking for fun-loving, excellent ESL teachers! We have sixteen branches across the nation.

 What sets us apart from other academies is we value a holistic approach to teaching English to children.  We provide children with as many contexts as possible to formulate the sentences and use a proper vocabulary in contexts.  As a result, our students boast excellent academic results. This holistic approach is applied in a genuine way across our curriculum.   Our education curriculum is the most academic yet interesting one in private English kindergarten education, which makes many investors want to open our branch. We value a holistic education, and we are excited to welcome professional teachers to our school. If you are creative and consider teaching as your long-term career, please come to our school and be a member of this thriving drive.

 We seek passionate and caring full-time teachers in the positions as follows: Francis Parker Collegiate (Haeundae), Wyatt institute (Daechidong, Seoul), Wizisland (Apgujeong)

 Due to the time constraint, we prioritize those who are in Korea, and who have their E-2 Documents(Apostilled degree and criminal background check ready to go) in hand.

 [Francis Parker Collegiate/Wizisland/Wyatt Institute]

 Start Date: ASAP

 FPC/ Wyatt institue

-Working hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (A homeroom teacher for a kindergarten and after kindergarten/elementary class)

-Wizisland: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

 [Job description and benefits]

 Five to Six teaching hours per day, One hour is given for a lesson preparation time. (Lunch is provided)

 No overtime and parental counseling are required. We support our teachers as much as we can as to providing a necessary orientation, guidance to have our teachers be ready to go when they start working at Francis Parker.

As we have branches nationwide, you can work in one branch and transfer to another without having any disadvantages.

Our bilingual teachers are competent, leaving room for native teachers to focus on teaching.

 Class size: Twelve students per class shared with a Korean homeroom teacher.

 Salary: 2.2M-2.6M (depending on the experience)

 Benefits: Spacious housing, medical insurance, and pension provided. Housing is located within proximity of the school, Paid vacation offered

  A one-way flight ticket is provided for the teachers coming from abroad. The mandatory self-quarantine will be held in the housing that the school provides.   We support all the procedures and costs during this process.

 [Role and Responsibilities]

  - Teach class with a positive mind, constantly interact with children.

  - Supervise lunchtime (children usually finish eating a maximum of 25 minutes)

  - Write a progress report (Once a month)

  - Work closely with a bilingual teacher to report students' feedbacks

 The average number of foreign teachers per branch: seven to eight

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 How to apply: If interested, please send your CV and picture (head-shot) to [email protected]

To apply, email [email protected]


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