College Application Counselor Recruitment


Job Ad Type: 

Recruitment Qualification and Terms


1. School Introduction:

 Seoul Scholars International is an independent secondary education for a student in grades 8th-12th and located in Gangnam-Gu, Daechi.


2. Counselors Recruitment:

- Able to handle college application process for senior high school students. Mandatory to review

 students essays including proof reading and need micro management of college application prep

including reviewing Common App and submitting documents on time.   



3. Qualification:

a. Major: Any major (Education or Psychology major preferred)

b. Career: More than two years in high school as a counselor.

c. College Degree: At least BA or BS degree of top 30 Universities or Colleges in US News.

d. No criminal record in Korea and home country.

e. English is spoken as native language.

f. Someone who thinks student first, last and always.

g. No bias for gender or student achievement.

h. Status: Legitimate visa able to work in Korea. (Unable to support visa.)  

i. Working Hour: 8 am ~ 5 pm


4. Terms and Conditions:

a. Salary/Month: Negotiable  

b. Benefit:

- Vacation: According to Korean labor law.

- Free lunch.

- Holiday gifts.

c. Payday: Every 25th day of each month

d. Tax: Medical, Annual Pension, Unemployment, Income Tax for full time teacher.

        3.3% income tax deduction for full time freelancer.

  e. Sick Day or Absence: According to Korean labor law.

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Do you arrange for immigration permission to work this job? *: 


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Recruiter Documentation: 

No Recruiter Documentation Provided