[Casual / Temporary Job] Native Teachers Wanted for Saturday Jobs


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Native Teachers are Wanted for Saturday Casual/Temporary Positions

*Please be aware that this position is only guaranteed when there are classes open on Saturdays.


We contact teachers on every Wednesday afternoon to check teachers' availability first, and then invite teacher/s on a first-come-first-serve basis for that Saturday.

*Classes are usually being held every Saturday at the moment.


- Pay: 30,000 won per hour (Paid on the day after the class)

- Class Time: 1pm to 4pm

- Student Range: From elementary to adult

- Location: Haeundae, Busan

- Other:

Some of the classes are activity-based classes where teacher/s go outside to play with students, and other classes are teaching-based classes where teacher/s teach English to meet specific purposes

e.g.,) One Saturday can be an activity-based class for elementary school students and the following week's Saturday class can be an interview preparation class for university students ... etc


If interested, send your resume with a profile photo to [email protected] and you will be listed under our casual/temporary Saturday positions to be contacted.

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