ASAP & September


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*****Here are job positions for ASAP

* 1)  Location : Seoul

     Working days : Monday ~ Friday

     Working hours : 9:00am~6:00pm

     Teaching type : Kindergarten/Elementary

     Monthly pay : 2.2~2.4million won

     Housing : Single

     Vacation : yes

    Benefits : yes

 2 ) Location :  Bundang

    Working days : Monday~Friday

   Working hours : MWF 9:30am~6:30pm             

                         TTH 9:00am~4:30pm

   Teaching type : Kindergarten/Elementary

   Monthly pay : 2.4~2.6million won

   Housing : Single

   Vacation : yes

   Benefits : yes


**** Here are job positions in September

* 1) Location : Ansan

  Working days : Monday ~ Friday

  Working hours : 9:30am~ 6:00pm

  Teaching type : Kindergarten/Elementary

  Monthly pay : 2.4million won

  Housing : Single

  Vacation : 10days

  Benefits : One-way fare ticket, Severance pay, Health insurance, Pension

2) Location : Ansan


This is not a School, is Supported by the Bank.

This is the First time to open for, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Each classes, is Consisted of 40 minutes, 3 classes per day.

Per Class is 50,000 won. per day. 150,000won per week for 400,000.

Teaching type: Kindergarten to 3rd grade Elementary.

We are Invited to all F-4, F-5 Visa Holders.

The teaching hours: 1:00pm~4:00pm or 2:00pm~5:00pm

3) Location : Ochang

 Working days : MWF 2:25pm~9:20pm

                     TTH 2:25pm~7:35pm

 Teaching type : Elementary/Middle

 Monthly pay : 2.3million won

 Housing : yes

 Vacation : yes

 Benefits : yes


If you are interested in those positions, please send the email to us, [email protected].






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