Altiora Yangsan needs 2 teachers ASAP


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Hello everyone! Altiora Yangsan is looking for 2 teachers to start as soon as possible due to expansion of the school. We focus on kids learning in a fun and engaging environment with help from Korean and English teachers. If you'd like to see what our classes and school look like, please check out our instagram here  Please email us with any questions and applications with the email below. You can also speak to a current teacher if interested! Thanks!


1. Location : Yangsan (near NamYangsan Station on the Green 2 line)

  1) Position Available : 2 full time teachers ASAP

  2) Condition

   a. Length of Contract : 1 year

   b. Working hours : Monday to Friday / 9:00am~6:00pm

   c. Benefits : subsidized national pension(50:50), health insurance and severance money

      ⦁ One way air fair (if you are coming from abroad) though we will consider in country first due to need of teachers

      ⦁ Housing provided 2 bedroom apartment (housing allowance is possible)

      ⦁ 10days paid vacation (5 days in summer / 5 days in winter)

  3) Pay : 2.2-2.4(negotiable)

  4) Students : kindergarten and elementary

  5) Starting date : AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  6) Qualification

   ⦁ A native English speaker whose nationality is from English Speaking Countries

     (US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa)

  7) Required documents

   ⦁ Resume with your recent picture attached

     (Your resume needs to include your contact information, education/employment history)

⦁ Immigration Documents as needed

Please let us know if you have any questions and send applications to Olivia @ [email protected]

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