Academy in Sajik (close to Sajik station) looking for Full or Part time teacher.


Job Ad Type: 


Direct hire!!

You are only required to be at the academy when you have classes scheduled.


- Full Time Working Hour : Mon~Fri 2:10~9:40

- Part Time Working Hour : Mon ~ Fri 2:10~6:10, (Working hour -*Negotiable*)

- Start Date: April (if you want start early, you can do) 

- Students: Elementary & Middle School

- Full time Salary: 2.5~ (Depends on experience), Part Time : Hourly rate (30,000 per hour)

- Housing: One room(New Apt & Full funiture) provided by academy or Housing Allowance(400,000) - *Negotiable*

+ All insurances, pension, severance, one-way airfare ( only Full time teacher )

 -Awesome work environment! 

-E2 sponsorship

-Teacher must be from one of the 7 Native English speaking countries

*Please email resume with recent photo to:  [email protected]


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 


Is Health Insurance in the contract? : 


Recruiter Documentation: 

No Recruiter Documentation Provided