☆☆☆Full time, Haeundae starting March 1st♤♤♤


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Hi, we're looking for a Full Time teacher. A teacher should be a native English teacher, not someone like a native English speaker. We are friendly listeners and easy to communicate with. In spite of instability in th era of the pandemic, we have been growing since the opening.  

The school is located in Haeundae.

Starting Date : 1st March 2021 or ASAP

Working Hours : 1:00 Pm ~ 8:00 /9:00 PM Mon thru Fri

Teaching Hour : 2:00 Pm ~ 8:00/9:00 PM Mon thru Fri

Student Level : kindy~middle schooler

Salary : 2.2~2.3 Million won

Vacation days: 9days

Housing : One room furnished or Housing Allowance(300.000)

Benefit : Severance Pay, Health Insurance, National Pension

Contact me at [email protected]

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