★★ Tongyeong,beautiful city, is looking for a native teacher! Roestta stone Jooklim Campus★★


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Hi! E Clock Academy(Rosetta Stone Tongyeong Campus) is looking for a native teacher from May. ASAP

Here are the details:

★ email address: [email protected] 

    mobile phone: #82+10 7178 9712

    Skype ID: eclock1800

★ Workday: Mon to Fri from 12:30 to 8:00 p.m.

☆ pay : 2.1~2.2 million KRW (depending on career)

★ Teaching hours : 5 classes a day (2:30 to 7:30) / one class means 50 minutes for elementary school class.

★ pay : 2.1~2.2 million KRW (depending on career)

★ Students: The majority of our school elementary school students and a few middle school classes.

★ Benefits: All standard benefits provided clean and safe housing            which is divided the bedroom from the kitchen.

If you want to take out medical insurance, pension, it is all acceptable and possible. A teacher can get severance pay after the end of contract or extentional contract benefits, etc.

★ Vacation : 10 days (summer and winter each 5 day)

We can offer this position to teachers who have passports from E2 visa countries. If you are interested and need more details, please send us your CV with your photo.


Our previous teacher from Canada says,

"I have worked here for a year and seven months. The hagwon is located in a small city called Tongyeong. Dubbed the Napoli of Korea, it is blessed with spectacular views of the islands and the sea surrounding it. The people there are welcoming and so is the foreign community! Tongyeong is a quick bus ride away from Busan, so planning a city getaway is no trouble! The school is also well located being in the new “downtown” area of Tongyeong. The teachers are kind and supportive, students are adorable and are eager to learn English! Is it also good to note that Tongyeong has only had 17 cases of the virus so far, which had made feel at ease about living here. You must be happy with this hagwon and this city. IF You think you are a positive and cooperative teacher, why don’t you apply for this position right away?"

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