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Serentrip App :How do you travel around in Korea?

Hi, guys :)
I am Chatlotte, a Korean traveler.
How do you guys travel around your city in Korea?
As you know, there are many interesting cities in Korea.
Seoul, Busan, Gangneung, Daegu, Andong, Jecheon etc.
I made an an app for travelers, and it must be relly helpful for you.
Basically my app 'serentrip' is for finding nice trip buddy :)
Basic system of 'Serentrip' is like this :
write your travel plan simply,
app 'Serentrip' matches tr

Income Tax

It looks like there is an error on the following page: http://koreabridge.net/post/average-salary-and-tax-structure-south-korea-expats-breeze

In the calculation, it says that for an annual income of 30,000,000 KRW, the income tax is 1,081,970 KRW, which is only about 3.6 % instead of the aforementioned 15 %. Is it really supposed to be that low? Can anyone explain that to me or is it just plain wrong?

Maximum 90 days stay

Dear All,

I am in Korea now and my friend from the Czech Republic is going to Korea for 90 day. He could be here for 90 days maximum. But after 90 days in Korea he is going to Taiwan or Japan. When he comes back after 1 week from Taiwan or Japan, could he be in Korea next 90 days?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


We Deliver healthy Fresh Vegetables, Right to Your Door:Gachi CSA

Hi Community!

Have you heard of "Gachi CSA" right here in Korea?
Gachi CSA delivers fresh, local, organic & eco friendly food baskets to happy members' doors every week.  For those who aren't yet aware, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a farmer-direct-to-consumer system which gets people connected to the food they eat.  It is a mutually supportive relationship between producers and consumers where everyone benefits.

Visa expired issue


My visa is going to expire on 26/8/15. 

I would like to know can I enter Korea after 26/8/15 without processing fee? What can I do because I would like to stay from one more week till the beginning of September. 

Thank you. 

Kakao talk: Yeo224


Seek for true friends! Dancing or light sports Im fine with it. 


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