Wangjangnim's perspective

My educational background and experience is Business Economics.
I run a small hagwon outside of Seoul and am one of the few foreign hagwon owners who is able to hire E-2′s.

A lot of teachers have insufficient information on a hagwon as a business model, and more often then not, tend to have an idealistic view before coming to South Korea. On the other hand, those who did spend a year or more in South Korea, tend to end up with a cynical view on the ESL Industry.

I hope to be the voice on the other side, trying to show you why a school would prefer solution A over solution B, even though, from an (Western) educational point of view, A is simply unacceptable.

My intention is to do a weekly post on a subject within the field of running a school.


PS: If you are worried about how I spelled the name, it is purely my interpretation of the sound, no pedantry on spelling required.