Trazy, a portmanteau of Travel + Crazy, is an online guidebook where real travelers and locals can share and discover the latest hot travel spots and experiences.

We currently have 4 main cities of Korea- Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Jeju Island as our travel destinations.

There are three main things that you can do on Trazy.

1. Share your discovery! 

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On Trazy, you can post, edit or update any type of travel spot that you would like to share or recommend.

Simply click on the blue ‘Share a spot’ button on the upper right corner and start posting! :)

2. Discover other discoveries! 

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You can navigate, browse and get accessed to the latest hot travel spots and unique travel themes.

One of our most popular travel theme is…


3. Book the most unique travel experiences. 


Trazy offers very unique and original travel experiences that you cannot find elsewhere.

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