Now with more Seoul.

In South Korea teaching in Seoul though the EPIK SMOE program; high interest in Japanese things, particularly in the area of Osaka.

I'm located in Gwanakgu, Seoul where Seoul National University is located and teach in one of the public high schools. I'm very interested in cinematography as well as video and graphics editing. Learning new things has always been one of the driving forces behind my life, and I really love learning about new cultures, particularly the food and language, as well as the things I find quirky as an American. 

I hope to make videos to show my friends and family back home and anyone interested in South Korea, Japan, and wherever I visit (mainly Korea and Japan).


Name: Noe / ノウィ / 노위


Facebook: @Rokonlifeinsk
Twitter: @noealz
Instagram: @noealz‎
Tumblr: @noealz