Makgeolli Mamas & Papas


What is MMPKorea?

MMPKorea stands for Makgeolli Mamas & Papas, Korea.

We encourage a community and provide opportunities for the exploration and education of Korean makgeolli culture.

How do I participate?

You can come to our gatherings (which happen every 3 weeks), recommend a makgeolli house or even provide us with a rating for your favorite makgeolli house. We also just want you to explore new-to-you makgeolli houses, new-to-you makgeollis and talk about it with (potential) makgeolli lovers.  Let’s get this country talking about makgeolli all the time.  It’s all about education through experiences!!!!

Is there a fee?

Only if you come to a meeting.  Every meeting requires a 10,000W pre-deposit to ensure your commitment to the event.

How much is each meeting? 

As mentioned above each meeting requires a 10,000W deposit by the preceeding Wednesday at 10.00pm.  This 10,000 goes directly and completely to our bill at the meeting (MMPKorea does not make profit).  Sometimes our bill can be 1,000-10,000Wmore/person.  In this case we will split the rest of the remainder of the bill between attending Mamas and Papas.

Why do I have to pre-pay for a meeting?

Due to the nature of many makgeolli houses (i.e small and crowded), our meeting size will be 10 people.  So it’s important to get your notice in as soon as registration opens.  In order to make the meetings as relaxed and organized as possible, we like to take care of the money business ahead of time.  It also ensures your commitment to coming, again making life easier for us and the houses!


How can I participate if I don’t come to a meeting?


First, subscribe to our blog site!  We encourage you to get out and tell us about your experiences.  Let us know where you’ve been and what you think!  If you would like to be more involved, we have a reviewer’s template you can use to write your own review for the MMPKorea community.  You can review anonymously or we can publish your details.  We are all about connecting with the community at large, so if you are a blogger or would like to promote your own Korea related enterprise, we will be happy to oblige!  Again, talk, talk, talk and try, try, try.


How often do you meet?

MMPKorea meetings will be held every 3rd Saturday at 7pm or 730pm.


Could I suggest locations for meetings?

If you want to tell us your own makgeolli experiences and tips, or share those amazing photos of your local, contact us at  We’re all about sharing as much first-hand experience as possible!


Can I submit reviews for Makgeolli Houses?

YES, YES, YES!  We have a reviewers template available for you to use.  You can rate houses we have rated and those we haven’t!  Just send visit our Guest Review page and download the rating template.  Fill it out and send it to us at with a few pictures and some details about you, and your review will be online!

Where do your ratings come from?

At each meeting we will ask our Mamas and Papas to evaluate the house according to the MMPKorea criteria.  We will then compile your reviews and update the MMPKorea directory based on our combined opinions.  The more input the better, so don’t be shy about telling us what you think!