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We're Billy and Keykat, and we want to help you learn Korean!
Q: But wait, Keykat doesn't even speak, right?
A: Keykat is a bit camera shy.
I've been studying Korean for almost 8 years, and it's been a blast. I started studying in 2005, then moved to South Korea and lived there for a couple of years. I've traveled all over Korea while learning the language, and I'm still a student of the language myself. But after going through numerous Korean classes, meeting teachers, reading textbooks,  and scanning through online resources, I became disappointed in how confusing the language was being presented to learners. "Surely someone can make these Korean concepts less complicated!" is what I thought, and began "GO! Billy Korean" in 2012.

For all of you who are working hard to learn the Korean language, I can tell you that I've been there before. I was frequently given by teachers, and came across, poor explanations of concepts when first trying to learn Korean, which often made me confused and frustrated. I wish I had better resources back then! In addition to Korean, I've studied other languages such as Japanese (which I can speak well), French, Mandarin, and Cantonese. I know what it's like to learn a foreign language. It's tough!

My goal is to clarify concepts that are often considered to be "too difficult" or "confusing" by Korean language learners, and explain them clearly and simply. I also plan to eventually create a new platform for learning Korean from the ground up. This site will be the first step of that process.
I welcome your feedback, including comments, questions, and requests for future lessons.

"그럼 다음에 또 봐!"

My goal is to make this site a place for people to come and learn Korean from the ground up - expect a complete, Korean beginner's lesson series in the future. I've been putting a majority of my free time into this; it's definitely a passion project. Everything is financed through my own wallet. Any donations you are able to provide will be put directly into expanding this web site and the YouTube channel.

I should note that you're not required to donate at all. I love the Korean language and will continue to teach it anyway. If you can't donate, instead consider sharing this web site, or my YouTube channel, with your friends.

And if you do donate, please make sure to send me a message through my Contact page after you do, and include an email address so I can reply.
  • All donations over $1 USD will receive a unique email "thank you" letter from Billy and Keykat.
  • All donations over $5 USD will also receive an email "thank you" letter, plus a brief explanation of any Korean concept of your choice (tell me what you'd like to be explained in your message after donating).