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Bonjour~ I'm a Canadian traveler and teacher who lives Korea. Thanks for visiting my channel!!
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2년 동안 한국에 살고 있어요. 엄청 좋아요~ 요즘 한국어 공부하고 있어요. 그런데 잘 모르겠어요~. 그리고 저는 캐나다에서 왔어요. 정말 반가워요! 여행, 음악, 박물관, 영화, 미술, 음식, 책, 한국어 좋아해요....
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i love music and creativity, and languages. i've been studying korean by myself for 2 years. 정말 반가워요. i can speak french, and i want to learn spanish and japanese and many other languages too... i believe learning new languages can bring people together, create friendships and truly help us better understand seemingly foreign places.

i'm currently living and working in 경남도 in 진주. if you're around!
한국에 살아요. 만나고 싶어요? ^^ 

here are some Q&As about me:

~how did you learn korean?
i taught myself how to read and write in 2006, and starting in 2009 i began to teach myself to speak korean. i ask a ton of questions, sit reading the dictionary for hours, study with korean dramas and pause them to write down new phrases, and experiment with new phrases and words i learn everyday. now korean is a hobby for me, and i get really excited every time i learn a new word. i have posted some videos teaching some basic phrases. check them out and start teaching yourself!

~what are the pros/cons of living in korea?
i love living in korea!! so i am a little bit biased... but i would say the best thing about living in korea is how kind korean people are. i know this sounds trite, but i love walking into a cafe and putting my bag down and not worrying about it, or seeing a woman drop money accidentally in the subway and watching a stranger pick it up and return it to her. i feel very safe living here, and i'm grateful for it. also korean stationery rules!! as far as cons, i would say being an obviously foreign person is sometimes frustrating if i'm having one of those days where i need some annonimity.

~what's a typical weekend in Seoul like?
it usually involves some good friends, some coffee, some shopping, some soju and definitely lots of laughs!

~what's the coolest place you've traveled?
this is really difficult, because i love many places for many different reasons. [i'll leave korea out of this section, as it counts as more of a place that i lived rather than traveled.] so, if you ask me.... the best food was in Vietnam. the cheapest trains were in China. the most beautiful architecture was in Poland. the most charming accents were in Australia. the hottest men were in Turkey. the best pizza was in Italy. the most amazing graves were in France. the wildest beach parties were in Thailand. the most smiles were in Myanmar. and the coolest hairstyles were in Japan.

~can i be your friend?
YES!! of course!! i love people! i'm very open and curious about other people and their experiences, so add me as a friend and let's get to know each other. i think building bridges between people is so valuable, and you never know what you might find in a new connection. so add me ^.^