Busan City Awesome


Busan. Is there a more underrated city in the world? Despite a population of over 3 million people and one of the largest ports in the world, it’s never even mentioned among the economic powerhouse cities. When you hear about the great cities of Asia, it’s always the super refined places like Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul. At the same time, when it comes to the hippy/backpacker crowd it’s too advanced.

Well, we’ve lived and traveled all over the place and we think Busan is awesome. Really awesome. Six city beaches. Mountains everywhere. Countless ocean front trails. At least four “downtown” areas worth spending an evening getting lost in and stumbling through.

Where else can you spend a full morning at the beach, take a five minute bus ride to the world’s largest department store, buy some new shoes, take a quick subway ride to hike up a mountain, then go to another beach, sit in front of one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, and shoot off bottle rockets sold to you buy an old woman walking past? All without taking a break from drinking? And that’s just an average weekend day.

We started this site to provide directions for some of the well-known places in Busan, spread the word about some of the lesser well-known spots, as well as to fight off the expat complacency that comes with living in a place and keep ourselves exploring.

We hope you’re enjoying your time in Busan as much as we are, and if you have any questions, leave a comment or send us an email! We’re very friendly and will respond quickly.


busan awesome authors tom and dave

Tom (L) and Dave (R): All about the King Sejongs

tmckee – Tom was born and raised among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania. Having finished college he began working as an autism therapist in Pittsburgh, another city he loves. Having cured the city of autism, and having watched all his friends decide to get married and start buying houses, he chose to flee the country and ended up living in the suburbs of Seoul. Since then, he’s been traveling the world, teaching, writing, starting to learn languages, then quitting, and generally having a good time. In the past few years he’s spent time living in Dongtan and Busan, Korea; Prague, Czech Republic; and Istanbul, Turkey.

davex – Dave is from Cincinnati oh-hi-oh, and has lived abroad since 2006. After living in Prague where he met the love-of-his-life / awesome travel companion / fiance, Ssarka, they moved together to Dongtan, S Korea, where they met Tom, a real cool cat. They also visited Busan for the first time during this stint, and vowed that if they ever lived in Korea again, they’d live in the land of beaches and mountains and fun (Busan, of course). After another foray to Istanbul and then another year in Prague, they decided to move again to Korea, and as promised, to Busan.