How can I publish my photos, videos, or audio podcasts on Koreabridge?

In order to publish your media on Koreabridge, register here and then contact the Koreabridge Management team.  Let us know the types of media you'd like to publish and links to any materials you already have published.  As long as your media  is in related to Korea and doesn't violate our posting polices, you will be given 'puiblisher permissions' which will enable you to create photo, audio, and video nodes. You will be notified once your permissions are active.  

Additional Information

Each publisher can add a signature to their account that will appear on all of their posts. The signature can be your own google ads or other kind promotional blurb. The signature should also include licensing information for the content. To edit your signature, click 'My Account/edit'. 

Material should be original content and not violate any copyright laws. Publishers maintain all rights to their creative works.  We prefer that content be published with some kind of Creative Commons license, but there is no licensing requirement.  Publsihers can remove their content from at any time, but should be aware that third party sites like may maintain copies and that we have no ability to have those copies removed. 

Below is more detailed information about different kinds of  media content. 


  Publishers can post up to 5 photos/day by clicking 'Create/Photo' .  Each photo can be up to 3MB.


Publishers can post videos that are already published on  YouTube, Blip.tvDailymotionGoogleMySpaceRevverVeoh, or Vimeo  by clicking 'create/video'. 

Audio Podcasts

  Publishers can upload mp3 files by clicking 'create/audio'.  Maximum filesize is 30MB and the bitrate should be no more than 64kbs for spoken work or 128kbs for music.  We don't currently support externally hosted audio, but will likely do so in the near future. 

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