How can I place a classified ad?

To place a classified ad, register,  log in, and click 'create/classified ad'. 

 The first time you place an ad, it will probably not appear until a moderator approves it.  Once you've posted a non-spam ad, you will be considered a 'trusted user' and future ads will not be moderated. 

Please take a look at our posting policies before first placing an ad. Do not post ads for your business in the Classifieds. If you own a business (including recruiting companies, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, and medical services), you are welcome to add your business to the  Business Listings for free.    Ads not related to Korea and those for 'home based businesses',  'online electronics', and other common 'spam' ads will not be accepted.

You can comment on any classified ad, but if your post is more of an opinion or a question, please post it in the Discussion Forum

All classified ads are free except 'Job Offered Ads'.

  Place a Job Offered Ad
    For offering jobs of any type. (Job Wanted ads are placed elsewhere)  These ads are free until the end of August 2009.  After that, we will likely begin charging for these.  

  Place all Other Classified Ads
   All other kinds of Classified Ads including AnnouncementsFor Sale Items , Housing, Learning Exchanges,  Looking For Items,  Jobs WantedPersonals  .  There is no charge for placing these ads.  Ads will expire after 31 days.  Users can edit or delete their ads whenever they wish.  We ask that users not post the same ad more than once a month. 

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