How can I get my blog added to Koreabridge?

To have your blog added to Koreabridge, register here and then contact the Koreabridge Management team. Let us know the URL and Title of your blog and a 1-2 sentence description.  As long as your blog is in related to Korea and doesn't violate our posting polices, it will be added within a day or two.  You will be notified once it's active.  

Addtional Information

  • Unlike the old Pusanweb system,  on a 'node' is now created for each blog post. This should result in better formatting, easier searching, and enable Koreabridge visitors to comment on posts.
  • Appropriately tagging blog posts on your own site will help feature content specifically related to Korea or a particular Korean city.  Bloggers should tag any post they want to appear on with 'korea'. Additioanlly, they can use tags like 'busan', 'seoul', 'daegu',  etc. on their original posts to determine where their posts appear on's regional pageste (e.g. , , ). Other tags will also be transferred so visitors will be able to see all Koreabridge blog posts tagged with 'food', 'sports', 'language',etc.
  • Bloggers can choose whether to have their entire posts or only  shortened teasers reblished on  This is usually done by changing the RSS settings on your blog.
  • If bloggers make changes to their original posts, the republished posts on Koreabridge will also be updated during the next cron run (which happens hourly).  

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