For Blog Publishers - Why do I need to republish my entire blog posts?

As part of our policies for publishers, we ask that bloggers set their RSS feeds so that their entire posts are republished on Koreabridge. 

The main reasons for this are: 

- Visitors prefer to be able to see then entire post rather than having to click again to finish the item.  We do include a link to the original post and blogger's feed on each post. 

- We want the entire content of each post to be included in our searchable database.  By republishing blog posts in their entirety, people are able to search though the site for 'busan, restaurants' or for just blog posts about 'busan restaurants' and access that content.  If we just posted titles and external links, we couldn't do that.  There's actually a lot more that can be done in terms of post taxonomy and site structure to help visitors find blog content of interest, but we're still sorting out some of the technical details. 

We do realize that bloggers want to drive traffic to their sites and we want to help as much as possible.  Most bloggers report that republishing on Koreabridge generally increases their traffic.  In addition to the links to original posts and blogger feed on each post, we encourage bloggers to make use of the signature field that appears on each post.   To do so, click My Account/Edit and enter html code in the signature field.  Signatures can be used to create links to a particular piece of recent content, as well as provide a way for content producers to generate some revenue (via their own google ads or sponsors). 

We are very open to other ways to help content producers get their creative works 'out there' and increase their site traffic. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.  

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