Yeosu World Roller Speed Skating Championship


Monday, August 29, 2011 - 15:00


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대회명 : 2011여수세계롤러스피드스케이팅선수권대회 (2011 Yeosu World Roller Speed Skating Championships)
대회기간 : 2011. 8. 29(월) ~ 9. 5(월)
대회장소 : 여수진남롤러경기장(200m 트랙 및 400m 로드트랙)
참가규모 : 50개국, 700여명(선수 600, 임원 100)
주 최 : 국제롤러경기연맹(FIRS), 국제스피드위원회(CIC)
주 관 : 대한롤러경기연맹, 여수시, 조직위원회
후 원 : 하나금융그룹, KBS, YTN, 연합뉴스, 매일경제, MBN 문화체육관광부, 국민체육진흥공단, 대한체육회 전라남도, 한국정보기술연구원, 남도일보
중계후원 : MBC, 뉴스웨이 

HOTEL FARES - Final Information

Official HotelsRoom TypeTotal Number of RoomsSingle OccupancyDouble Occupancy
(Per person)
From Hotel to Track
Narsha Tourist HotelDouble15US$204US$12715 minutes
Bellagio HotelDouble Deluxe7US$175US$11415 minutes
 Double Standard7US$128US$91 
 Twin Deluxe2US$213US$132 
 Twin Standard2US$175US$114 
Yeosu Tourist HotelDouble Deluxe16US$156US$10510 minutes
 Double Standard24US$137US$95 
Tiffany Tourist HotelDouble12US$137US$9515 minutes
MK MotelDouble20US$109US$8215 minutes
Xi MotelDouble31US$118US$8615 minutes
Hill House MotelDouble21US$109US$8215 minutes
Haebeach MotelDouble2US$118US$8615 minutes
Benhur MotelDouble20US$109US$8215 minutes
Prada MotelDouble16US$109US$8215 minutes
France MotelDouble Deluxe10US$118US$8615 minutes
 Double Standard18US$109US$82 
Manhattan MotelDouble10US$109US$8215 minutes

Tips :
* The above accommodation is first-come-first-serve basis and the price(US Dollar) is in cash price.
* If you want to pay with credit card, an additional and commission charges(13.5%) will be imposed on the total.
* The price of Double occupancy is per person per night including 3 meals plus local transfer(Hotel↔Track and Yeosu Airport↔Hotel), Single occupancy is per night including 3 meals plus local transfer(Hotel↔Track and Yeosu Airport↔Hotel)
* Local transportation will be provided from the official hotels ONLY.
* Please check-out before 12:00 noon on Sep, 6th. Check-out in the period between 12:00 noon and 6:00pm, will be charged fees of half day per person and after 6:00pm, charged fees of a day per person.
* You are kindly requested to send the reservation confirmation attached within and not later than August 12th, 2011.
* Please send the expenses for accommodation to the below account through internet banking within August 12, 2011 as your confirmation sheet according to the hotel fares information attached.

Swift Code : NACFKRSEXXX      Account NO. : 629-01-237201
Beneficiary : Comus Art Communication      * Please filled with [ your country name].

* Your reservation will be finally taken as valid after checking your remittance.
* Delegations must send the copy of bank bill to the organizing committee by fax or email(scanned fille).
Fax : +82-61-690-7198 E-mai l: [email protected]