White Beach Welcome Party-Potluck Party


Saturday, September 1, 2018 - 17:00


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The White Beach Welcome Party

2018. 09.01 (Sat.) 5pm-8Pm @ Haeundae Beach

The end of this summer, most hottest DANCE FESTA is coming with


Gorgerous White Concept Potluck Party~!!


This event is organized by GCAPA (Busan Dance Festa organizer).

It is White concepted potluck party so you can easily imagine what it looks like.

Wearing the white dress, T-shirt, pants, skirt, or whatever  WHITE fabric,

and bring your foods to enjoy the party.


There will be the white tables settled on the beach in front of the GLORY CONDO.

You can find your name on the list,  go to your table.

And enjoy the Music and the Performance and the beautiful enviroment!!


FYI, this event is FREE to attend but you should book for the table in advance.

Dress code : white

Party Type : Potluck

Age limitation : None (family welcomed)



If you want to join, check out the website or follow the link below:


website: www.gcapa.co.kr

contact : 051 701 5731