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2012 With the birds tert of the song “Jiangnan style” of the world’s large thermal, Seoul, South Korea Gangnam District has become the focus of attention, many to South Korea travel of foreign tourists to experience the song appeared the Seoul Gangnam, specifically the Jiangnan also as one of the popular attractions of the tour’s first Ershi. Seoul City official tourist information site “- Visit Seoul for coming to Seoul to develop a set of tours of Seoul Gangnam let you play good, eat happy.


Seoul, South Korea, February 01, 2013 — 2012 With the birds tert of the song “Jiangnan style” of the world’s large thermal, Seoul, South Korea Gangnam District has become the focus of attention, many to South Korea travel of foreign tourists to experience the song appeared the Seoul Gangnam, specifically theJiangnan also as one of the popular attractions of the tour’s first Ershi. Seoul City official tourist information site “- Visit Seoul for coming to Seoul to develop a set of tours of Seoul Gangnam let you play good, eat happy.

Following let us tour the famous attractions of Seoul Han River south of Jiangnan it! Today with us visiting Sinsa-dong, Gangnam ? ? ? Samseongdong. Gangnam Station ? ? Greenway ? ? Cheongdam-dong ? ? sex Apgujeong-dong to find delicious fun place!


The COEX-, 1. Samseongdong by South Korea’s largest city center underground comprehensive shopping and cultural space

South Korea and Asia’s largest underground shopping complex cultural space COEX has everything. COEX has a large exhibition hall, located in Seoul’s Gangnam secondary schools Strip Hotel (GRAND Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul & Seoul COEX Intercontinental Hotel), Shopping Center (COEX MALL, modern department stores, duty-free shops), cinema (MEGA BOX), Aquarium (Aquarium) Kimchi Museum, a large bookstore (Bandi & Luni’s) restaurant around the world, are the heart airport. Trade Center underground Samseongdong full 14 Olympic arena size, such a large-scale, first came here, it is easy to get lost it!


Here is the dining, shopping, cultural and entertainment space, but also a concentration of Korean famous brand, so be sure to look at Kane! There are hotels and are the heart of the airport next to the COEX Mall, was the epitome of a small city. COX Atlantic Hall door out the logo to go 50 rice wine can see the Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul, crossing the road is Bongeunsa entrance to the zebra crossing in front of the hotel.


2. Millennium monasteries in the city - Bongeunsa

Bongeunsa 1200 history-dong in Seoul Gangnam, located in the heart has a conference center and a number of hotels. The Bongeunsa to people providing the resting place of contemplation and meditation, also provide monastery accommodation services, visitors can experience Korea’s Buddhist culture through monasteries accommodation. If interested in Buddhism to Korea, we must come here to visit.


I think there are some tourists visiting South Korea for the first time the monastery it! You must pay attention to the need to comply with some basic etiquette in the monastery. The first door in the land of the Gods of the the King door, placed the location of the four kings went to the door on both sides need to go in the palm of your hand together. Encountered in the temple, and the tower, the monks the palm of your hand and then walked together, while praying in their hearts. To enter the main building when you can do it! Do at least once or three times, but do remember that according to the singular. If there is pray, you need to get rid of the 108 kinds of trouble, then to depress body to worship, try to do 108 thanks to a good experience. 108 worship is not an easy thing, body tired, but you can swap the mind to achieve the effect of exercise. In addition to the Buddhists, many people who lose weight will follow Oh! Came to Korea together we pray and shaping the beautiful body!

* Monastery accommodation in a mountain monastery with monks with practice and experience the daily life of the monastery, the deep rest of the body and mind at the same time. Monastery accommodation from the activities of the religious component, so that we can more easily participate in leisure and cultural activities in this regard, is interested in it, I remember the experience oh! Here we go to lunch. ~

The Bongeunsa out, we went to Gangnam Station’s Bulgogi Brothers! Hotel to eat authentic Korean barbecue to Samseong Station subway Line 2 to the subway to sit three stops to Gangnam Station. From Gangnam Station No. 2 export out can see Samsung Motors, to Yangjae Station direction to go 600 meters, crossing the street after the left will see the Bulgogi Brothes billboards. Today’s lunch will taste roast beef, foreigners outside in addition to kimchi, favorite dishes is roast beef! 

Korean cuisine usually put more seasoning, but the roast beef is not particularly more seasoning, so foreigners favorite Korean dishes. The roast beef is mainly divided into yin, yang style, Gwangyang style, Pyongyang and Jeolla type, etc.. Yin, yang style need to go through 2 to 3 days marinated Gwangyang style seasonings differ somewhat from other roast beef, Pyongyang-style in the water more pot roast the Jeolla style is unique rice cakes ribs barbecue. Seasonings placed on behalf of roast beef Eonyang style and Gwangyang-style roast beef, two characteristics are also retains the inherent beef gravy can taste the flavor of the seasonings, and full of flavor!


3. Xinsha hole avenue - Seoul fashionable SOHO

The world famous city has gathered the fashion, design, food as one of the streets. Like New York’s SOHO Barcelona La Lambla Street, like Paris Montnartre Avenue, Seoul, Korea, to be known as SOHO is Xinsha hole Boulevard. 

Sinsa-dong, Metro Line 3, Exit 8 out straight ahead along the direction of the Dosan Park about 3 minutes, you will see the left side of the J-Tower. Start here to Apgujeong-dong of modern high school and Xinsha secondary school until the streets of a ginkgo tree, is the tree-lined boulevard. 

Here the perfect combination of European and Asian culture, exotic cafes, art galleries, antique shops, and a collection of various specialty gourmet shops to street decorated like the streets of European countries. Just walking and sightseeing, we have been very happy! Many small cafes and European open-air balcony restaurant is located along the street trees, if you run into like, into the open space, is a good choice. With the the Korean shooting and hit here also gradually gathering popularity, well-known artists often visit here. If you are lucky, maybe you can also run into a famous artist Oh!


4. Truly famous street in Cheongdam-dong - “Pop Center

Street from the Galleria Department Store in Apgujeong-dong the Cheongdam crossroads of around known as “artiste Street. The renowned artist Street hairstyles shops and designer stores row upon row. Trendsetting artists hairstyle can do here to buy the famous people visiting the street name of the artist is also named. If you want to imitate the popular hairstyles of TV, movies, magazines appear inside crossroads starting from Dosan Park, Seoul, after the the Hedong crossroads until Cheongdam crossroads around. There is a well-known artist from hair to shoes latest fashion from head to toe transformed totally new. The popular hairstyles bring words can not, by this opportunity to do an artist’s trendy hairstyle, change the image, how it? Wuwa! We also morph into the artist as give it a try! Go to the hair shop, we could look at the jewelry store! 

Gathered many overseas brands Cheongdam-dong uniquely shaped high-Su Rong Building “, if you have time, you can go inside of buildings Lucie Jewelry shop around. Happens starred in the MBC program “Xuren Ying, and Crown.J’s wedding we got married,” is shot in the studio in the building since. Japanese brand-name the Lucie is the local marriage jewelry Niwaka representatives brand, with its exquisite workmanship and feel design to receive widespread attention and welcome. Magazine artist Lee Da Hae 150 million won worth of jewelry worn can also try them on Oh! However, if no prior appointment, is prohibited from entering the store, so you want to have a special experience, please make an appointment and then into the store Oh!


5. Rodeo Apgujeong Street

Unknowingly to the evening, all the way to the Apgujeong Cheongdam-dong, it hunger, tonight’s menu is the puffer fish soup, the Apgujeong famous Fairview blowfish soup “can eat satiated. Next day drinking drink blowfish soup is not only a body good, taste delicious, but also helps to recover from fatigue.

Puffer fish soup is put red chili powder and cooked soup, puffer fish broth into the bean sprouts, radish and celery with boiled, light taste delicious. Customers can point puffer like spicy soup, relatively light taste can select the puffer fish broth. 

Although puffer into the pregnant the type Tutou dolphin, the end of the month buck dolphin, yellow fin puffer, China more than discipline dolphin species, but the most common pregnant Tutou dolphin like a chicken breast dry, but with a light feature. The end of the month Tutou dolphin meat is chewy, soft the yellow fin puffer fleshy, Chinese multi-discipline dolphin meat compact. Although no matter what kind of taste very good, but different, depending on the species, so please choose according to personal taste. Sipping refreshing soups, the body will unwittingly recuperate fatigue to disappear. Fairview blowfish soupIs 24 hours a day, and any time you can go to enjoy.

After dinner, our tour is coming to an end, to give hope that the day’s itinerary to come to Seoul to bring convenience oh more information, you can visit, I hope you gain a lot.



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