Suwon "Spoken Word" ~ The End of An Era @ The Big Chill


Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 22:30


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"The Big Chill" will be holding a "Spoken Word" event this coming Wednesday, November 30th.

This will be the final event for the originator of our "SW" event at "The Big Chill". Sad times indeed! If you have something to contribute in regards to an anecdote, story, tribute, or ROAST in relation to/with our founding father....please come and join us for John's final farewell and the passing of the "SW" torch!

This week's theme is also "your life's most embarrassing moment". Share if you dare!

Instrumentalists are not excluded, but we do request that music and/or songs are original in content (or format) for this particular event. "The Big Chill" also holds the "Acoustic Garden Cafe Sessions" every first Wednesday of the month focused more towards musicians.

This event focuses moreso as a creative outlet for those wishing to express themselves through stories, poems and prose. As well as comedy, roasts, slams, impromptu rants, improvisation of all sorts, gossip, games, secrets and whispers!

So, please come and "Express Yourself"!!!!

For those of you who may wish to participate in this (or future events), please contact Edward Jorgensen at 010-7600-2574 or John Gustafson at 010-2304-6256.