Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival


Friday, October 5, 2012 - 11:00


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Festival Summary

TitleThe 49th Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival, designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as ‘2012 Culture and Tourism Festival’
DatesOct. 5. 2012 (Fri) ~ Oct. 7 (Sun), 3-Day
LocationsSuwon Hwaseong and nearby : Yeonmudae (Changryongmun), Hwaseong Haenggung Plaza, Suwoncheon, etc.
Organized bySuwon Culture Foundation
Hosted bySuwon Provincial Government
Supported byAK PLAZA
Main Programs* Hwaryungjeon Jakhunui (Tea Ceremony), Citizens parade, King Jeongjo’s procession, Opening ceremony & Dancing orchestra, Total performance, Statement exam, Suwoncheon drawing contest, Garaedduk performance, Performance in Haenggung Plaza(The Beautiful Sounds, The Six Dreams and Hwaseong Performance), Lady Hyegyong’s 60th Birthday Feast, Walking Hwaseong Fortress in straw shoes, Suwoncheon dream road (Lantern festival, Gallery project ‘Under the Bridge’, Media & installation arts, Suwoncheon Ballad), Yongyeon’s dream, Closing ceremony & Haenggung Orchestra
Permanent performances: Martial arts 24Gi, Jangyongyeong guard ceremony, Traditional tightrope walk, King Joengjo’s visit
* Hwaseong Provincial-related Programs : Yoongneungjehyang (ancestral rites), Baeksooyeon (celebrating 99-year-old), Filial conduct award
* Sub-Programs: Creative markets at Suwoncheon ’Tong-tong Market’, Peeping Haenggung, Build Suwon Hwaseong Experience, Experience booths, Wood print exhibition, Art markets on Gongbang street, Buksudong mural alley tour, Gyubang handcraft exhibition
* Related Programs : Food culture festival