Super Bowl @ The Wolfhound Busan


Monday, February 7, 2011 - 07:00


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Watch the Super Bowl live at the Wolfhound in Haeundae. 

Doors open at 7:30am and our full menu including all our breakfast items will be available. 

We will also be doing a special on Double Bloody Marys for 7000 won.

Game kicks off at 8:25am and will be in full HD with commentary of course.

Rock on. 


Re: Super Bowl @ The Wolfhound Busan

"of course"?

Sure... You know, for a place with seriously overpriced drinks and food, you'd think somewhere along the line you'd be able to spare a couple of bucks for a subscription to a proper sports channel or at least an IP hider for games you could then watch for free.

If you're going to steal the people of Busan's money (anybody else notice how menu items here are more expensive than in Seoul?} at least render some degree of proper service.

Also, watered down spaghetti sauce IS NOT tomato soup! Do you actually want people to leave your pub disappointed?

Re: Super Bowl @ The Wolfhound Busan

in the handful of times i have visited the wolfhound the service has been fantastic.  9000 is too much for a shot of jaeger, but oh well.  never order that again, but prices vary from place to place.  everything else seems priced alright.  maybe a little high on some things, but location and homemade cost something.  never ordered the soup, but think i will give it a gander next time.  their veggie burger is tasty, though.  maybe you could detail your service experience for us

Re: Super Bowl @ The Wolfhound Busan

7:30 in the morning at a bar to watch a football game? 

Do people come in from an all night bender or are they sober? I'm not judging I'm just asking...

Re: Super Bowl @ The Wolfhound Busan

Veggie burger, tasty? 

It's just fried black bean and garlic.

Breeze Bunnns has a way way better veggie burger, for an okay price.

Re: Super Bowl @ The Wolfhound Busan

it has chickpeas in it and could be bigger, too.  when it comes to a communal frier i do not mind so much,in fact, i teeter totter a little bit.   a veggie burger fried on the same flattop as hamburgers is no good in my book, as in breeze burns.  (maybe they cook it differently now). i have heard that it is nice, though.  just not my bag.  to each their own,though.  i think the  main thing of importance in regards to a veggie burger's existence in this meat loving world is its availability more than anything else. eating something on a bun is convenient and comfortable from time to time. i think that in the long run, loving hut in seomyeon has the best one if you ask them to leave off their sauces